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Meet The Fitness 48 Team


Doug Brown


Before transitioning into personal training full-time, Doug's first career was in advertising. As successful as that career was, Doug's passion for fitness and helping people - in addition to advanced marketing knowledge - made the transition seamless. Since then, Doug has gone on to own three personal training gyms, has helped hundreds of personal training clients, and has helped dozens of trainers maximize their career success.


Rich Noto


With over 20 years of real-world personal training experience, Rich has helped thousands of personal training clients along the way. These vast experiences - both positive and negative - have helped make Rich the top trainer that he is, and has helped other personal trainers advance their career by sharing the things that have worked and those that didn't. Rich's experience coupled with his education makes him one of the best trainers in the country.


Advance your career at Fitness 48

Fitness 48 is a fast-growing, business -focused personal training facility for independent personal trainers.

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