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Ready to take your personal training career to the next level?

Welcome to Fitness 48.

We help local personal trainers start low-cost, high-income businesses.

Paradise Valley

Fitness 48 Paradise Valley interior photo.
Profile photo of Fitness 48 owner Doug Brown

Hi, I'm Doug,

and I'm an independent personal trainer and the co-founder of Fitness 48. We started Fitness 48 to provide you the best opportunity to succeed as an independent personal trainer, regardless of how established you currently are.

Our focus is and always will be on your success. With our pay-per-client pricing model, we've eliminated the pressure created by flat-monthly pricing, allowing you to scale your business and your rent payment at the same time.

As you grow your business at Fitness 48, you'll have access to...


  • The Fitness 48 Business Academy to learn critical marketing skills

  • Our Powerful, In-house Lead Generation to get new clients

  • Our Professional, Fully-Equipped 4,200 Square Foot Training Facility

We look forward to working with you at Fitness 48!


The Fitness 48 Business Academy

A One-on-One Business Education For Personal Trainers

The Fitness 48 Training Facility

Just outside of Paradise Valley, Fitness 48 is easily accessible from surrounding areas, such as Scottsdale and Phoenix.

By limiting the total number of trainers, you and your clients can expect a clean, organized and professional training space at Fitness 48.

Fitness 48 Delivers Everything You Need To Succeed

Fitness 48 is...

A Business Academy

Certifications may you a great trainer, and business skills make you a successful trainer.

At Fitness 48, we'll help you with...

>> Getting your business started, even from scratch

>> Marketing to get new clients and replace those that leave

>> Sales to help you close clients at a higher rate than ever

Fitness 48 is...

Community of Trainers

Surround yourself with ambitious personal trainers that love to talk training, business and everything else.

At Fitness 48, you'll....

>> Hang out with other successful trainers

>> Learn the unique business and training style of each trainer

Fitness 48 is...

A Private Training Facility

Train your clients in a clean, private and spacious training facility that was built exclusively for independent trainers.

At Fitness 48, you'll have access to...

>> A 4,200 square foot facility

>> Commercial-grade equipment to get the job done

>> An uncrowded training space - YES, we limit the number of trainers

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Ready to go pro?

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