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What To Expect At Fitness 48

Upcoming Events

No planned events at this time.


Premium Facility

Fitness 48 is equipped with space-saving, high-quality commercial-grade free-weights and machines, and boasts a clean, modern aesthetic.


Business Coaching

Want to reach new PR's and grow your brand? We can help with our proven business coaching.


Premium Location

With our Ahwatukee location on Ray Rd., just west of I-10, you'll have access to affluent clientele from surrounding areas such as Chandler, Tempe, Gilbert and Phoenix.


Professional Culture

Join our growing community of like-minded, experienced and ambitious trainers.


One Flat Rate

$350/month for the first 2 months.

Facility Use Only:
$700/month beginning month 3


With Business Coaching:
$900/month beginning month 3

Start here

Start here.

Text or call: (602) 376-8602 | Email us:

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What Trainers Say


Rich taught me how to structure pricing plans, how to sell clients, how to structure my schedule to avoid burnout, got me on all the various marketing platforms so I could maximize lead generation.


Within 6 months, I had the client schedule that I wanted, making the money that I wanted and enjoying what I was doing.


Making the switch from a corporate gym has been hands down the biggest and best decision of my career. 

I've not only learned how to be a better trainer to my clients, I also learned how to market myself to new prospects to grow my business. Learning from Doug and other trainers has been invaluable towards my growth as a person and business owner.


Doug has by far been the most helpful person in my career as a personal trainer. He genuinely wants to help you grow your business and watch you succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Buy Out
  • I'm currently renting at another gym. You'll buy me out?
    Yes! If you're looking to make a change, we'd love to have you. We'll just deduct your current rent from ours, so you'll pay next to nothing to get started at Fitness 48. Contact us for details by texting us at (602) 376-8602.
  • How does the intro rate work?
    Simple! Your first 2 months are $350/month, then the normal rate of $700/month or $900/month, depending on which option you choose (with or without business coaching), applies starting in your third month, and no long-term contract. If you sign up on any other day than the first of the month, your payment will be prorated. Rent is due on the first of each month thereafter.
  • I'm starting from scratch. Can you help me get started?
    Definitely! Starting your own business isn't complicated, but it may be difficult to know where to begin. We can help walk you through each step to get you up and running, become successful, and protect what you build.
  • Do you limit the number of total trainers at Fitness 48?
    Yes! While each trainer we have can use the facility at any time, we don't continuously add more and more trainers, which would inevitably lead to overcrowding. We believe that the vast majority of clients don't want to be in an overcrowded gym, so by limiting the total number of trainers we have, we make sure you and your clients have access to everything we have inside the gym.
  • What separates Fitness48 from other gyms I can rent from?
    There are plenty of great gyms in the valley where trainers can rent from, but usually all they offer is the gym itself. In addition, many of them apply membership fees to the clients, or even to you. What separates Fitness48 from these other facilities is our ability to provide overwhelming business and personal support to our trainers, in addition to the always clean and well-equipped gym. Our main objective is to help trainers succeed, and to never feel frustrated or left behind in their entrepreneurial journey. We do this by providing the following education: 1) How and where to market yourself for the biggest returns on your investments, all while keeping those investments inexpensive 2) Teaching you how to sell effectively, without pressure and in ways your clients can understand, even if it's their first time. 3) Administrative support such as what apps to use 4) Website building and maintenance 5) Providing documents and disclosures (PAR-Q, Liability waivers, training agreements and more) Further, we provide this education and support, so you'll get the help you need when you need it. We've built 6-figure training businesses quickly, so all the mentoring you receive has been proven in the area. Simply put, no other gym provides our level of support, period.
  • What does the tour include?
    First, it gives you a chance to see the gym itself. We pride ourselves on keeping it constantly clean and organized, and it gives you a chance to see all of the equipment and space available to you. Second, we go through all of the services available to you as a trainer at Fitness 48, and how we can help your business thrive. Lastly, it gives you a great opportunity to ask questions!
  • Can my clients work out by themselves at the gym?
    Since we don't have membership fees, your clients cannot use the gym without working with their trainer. This helps keep the gym less busy and more equipment available to working trainers.
  • What is the sign-up process like?
    Easy! When you sign up, you will: 1) Complete our agreement (month-to-month). 2) Provide proof of liability insurance (we can help with this if you need it). 3) Make your first payment and keep a card on file with us. Once all three are complete, we will issue a key to you and provide an initiation tour to get you familiar with the facility, and introduce you to trainers individually. Overall, the process takes about 20-30 minutes. After that, you're ready to begin training clients at Fitness 48!
  • Can you refer me to a good insurance provider?
    Definitely! We highly recommend Next Insurance. Their signup process is online, so it's easy and quick. We do not have any relationship with them and don't make money by referring you to them. We use them for our training and studio insurance, and have referred dozens of trainers to them.
  • Do I get my own key to the facility?
    Yes! Each trainer gets a key to the facility, and can use the facility whenever they want.
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