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  • Introduction
    If you’re feeling motivated and ambitious, but not sure where to start, I can help! My name is Doug Brown, and I’ve been personal training professionally since 2010, and in the process have helped hundreds of clients reach their goals. I support men and women of all ages and ability levels with burning fat, building lean muscle and becoming healthier, stronger, leaner individuals. You may be here because you are looking for a change in your health, confidence or appearance, and there is no better way to achieve your goals than with the help of a personal trainer. As you lose weight and gain strength, you'll also gain confidence and feel better in your own skin and clothes--even the old ones you thought you'd never fit in again! With my private, one-on-one (or partner) personal training, you'll work out at my private, clean and spacious training facility that is exclusively for personal training - and no gym memberships! As your friend and trainer, I will be by your side every step of the way as you progress and, as you make progress, you'll also be arming yourself with the education, skills and confidence to maintain your new lifestyle and physique! I offer you a 100% free, no-obligation training session and consultation so you can experience firsthand what a session with me is like. It's the perfect opportunity to meet me, experience a full training session based on your current abilities, and to get answers to any questions you may have about the training or me. My mission is to empower you and support you in finding the best version of yourself, and I look forward to hearing from you! To contact me now and start the conversation, please contact me using the form on this page.
  • What should I know about pricing?
    The cost of each session is dependent on how often you train and how long the session is, and you have the choice of when and how you're billed, and more. I truly want people to reach their goals and change their lives, and don't want cost or billing to be an obstacle. So, I provide a variety of payment plans to accommodate virtually anyone's budget. When we meet for your free training session and consultation, I will share with you all of my options so you have the ability to work with me on a payment plan that works for you. Additionally, because nutritional guidance is such a key component of any exercise plan, it is included with the training at no additional cost.
  • What is your typical process for working with a new client?
    When you first reach out to me, we'll exchange a few messages to make sure we're the right fit for each other. Next, we'll schedule your free training session and consultation so you can experience what a training session with me is like at no cost. During this time, we'll also discuss your goals and nutritional habits in more detail, you can check out my private facility, and I'll answer any questions you may have. This will allow you to get to know me and my training style to make sure I'm the right fit, allowing you to make the most informed decision. It also allows me to get to know you on a more personal basis, and help you determine what will be the best path forward to get the most effective results..
  • What education and/or training do you have?
    I am a Certified Personal Trainer with The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Additionally, I am First-Aid, CPR and AED certified.
  • What motivated you to become a personal trainer?
    As a college athlete, training and fitness has always been a part of my life. However, only after seeing a personal trainer of my own at that time did I find my passion for helping others reach their goals, just as my trainer did for me. My personal training career began about 10 years ago, and over that time, I've immersed myself in my career, constantly learning and growing as a trainer and as a person. I've maintained a strong work ethic and endlessly strive to be the best in my field. In San Diego, CA, I owned and operated my own successful personal training studio where, in addition to my own training, I helped over 75 self-employed personal trainers develop highly successful training programs, and helped them become successful business owners. I sold this business in late 2019 to provide my family with the opportunity to move out of California. My family and I moved to Arizona in August of 2020, and I started LifeLift Fitness to continue my career and opened my second personal training gym in the Ahwatukee area in October, 2022.
  • What types of clients have you worked with?
    I've worked with a very wide range of clients, from beginners to advanced athletes with a very wide range of goals. From weight loss, muscle gain, plateau-breaking and more, my current and former clients are quite diverse. Additionally, I've worked with those preparing for events such as wedding, races and physical fitness tests. From a personal point of view, I enjoy working with beginners. Everyone has their own “Day 1,” and I was fortunate to have a good trainer that helped me on my Day 1. My goal is to give my clients the best Day 1 experience and give them the confidence to say “I can do this!”
  • Describe a recent client you've worked with. How did you help them reach their goals?
    I've had many clients reach tremendous success, and the credit goes entirely to them. Clients that achieve exceptional results put in exceptional effort, and it's quite impressive to have seen them go from where they started to where they are today. It's beyond rewarding for me to see clients get the results they want!
  • What advice would you give a client looking to hire a trainer?
    The biggest thing to consider is your trainers ability to communicate with you effectively, like any other relationship. Your willingness to share your real wants and needs as it applies to the results you want is extremely important for the trainer to grasp. Anyone can take you through an hour's worth of exercises, but the exercises should be specifically geared towards the goals you have.
  • What questions should I think through before talking to a trainer?
    I always recommend that the trainer they hire should have a firm understanding of their goals and their ability to listen to wants, needs and concerns. Secondly, 'fitness' is a commitment to a lifestyle. This means that you should be committed--not to your trainer, but to yourself. Each client has the ability to maximize their results by their actions outside of the gym. If you're committed to the results you seek, then you'll undoubtedly reach them with help from an experienced and knowledgeable trainer. Lastly, contrary to the way it may seem, getting the body you want does not require you to work out 5-6 days per week for hours on end. Personal training is designed to maximize the effectiveness of each workout in the shortest amount of time possible in line with your abilities.
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