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Independent, not alone.

You work hard. We work hard for you. Here's how we help.

About our coaching.

The Fitness 48 Comprehensive Business Course will provide you with the knowledge you need to connect with more prospects, make more sales and retain clients longer, enabling you to dramatically increase your confidence, income and client satisfaction.


As a Personal Trainer, you are not only responsible for training your clients, but also to enhance the customers buying experience throughout the entire process.

Your training will encompass a wide range of topics, including advertising to help add high-paying clientele, client-focused sales techniques, and business practices to make your business stronger and more stable than ever before. Fitness 48 is strictly committed to results – results which can only be attained through a sincere desire to improve your abilities.


How we help:

  • Identifying and reaching your ideal clients

  • A thorough introduction to top-performing marketing platforms to get your ideal clients quickly, and best practices

  • How to communicate clearly and more effectively in your marketing to deliver more, higher-quality leads

  • How to stand out from the competition

  • How to develop and use social proof

  • Best practices for converting leads into clients

Credibility Enhancement

How we help:

  • A multi-page website, custom-built to your preferences

  • Getting reviews from current and former clients and how to use them to your advantage

  • Creating and improving your branding across all platforms


How we help:

  • How to increase your hourly rate, while making training more affordable to your prospect (it can be done!)

  • Eliminating sales pressure and anxiety (for everyone)

  • Learning the best questions to ask in your consultations to get the client speaking

  • Eliminate "presentations," and have a conversation designed to have the prospect sell themselves

  • Learn what you actually sell (it's not just results)


How we help:

  • How to start your training business, from start to finish

  • How to streamline your business to spend less time on it

  • The best apps to use to stay organized

  • The best payment processors so you keep more of your own money and get it quickly

  • Handling finances

Reggie Carter
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